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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Show Hidden Files In USB Storage Devices With USB Hidden Folder Fix

USB removable devices are one of the most common source of viruses, malwares and etc. Some companies implement security policies that prevents their ordinary users from using USB devices to decrease the probability of computers getting infected. USB drive infected by malwares mostly hides folders on it and removing them is difficult since the attribute is set as system instead of hidden. To help you remove such folders, use USB Hidden Folder Fix which recursively goes through the folders on your USB media and unhides them. Its usage is simple, just launch the application and plug your USB device. Normally the device would be automatically detected unless your using more than one. If so, click Browse to choose from the available USB devices. All the hidden files and folders will be automatically listed. To fix it, hit "Yes! Unhide the folders" button.

Show Hidden Files In USB Storage Devices With USB Hidden Folder Fix

All files/folders will be shown after the fix is complete. You can delete them manually using Windows explorer. This application can also unhide generic folders on a USB drive, but this may result to USB malfunction so I strongly suggest to use it on infected USB devices only. To run this application, you need .NET Framework 2.0 which is preinstalled with Vista and Windows 7. I tested it under Windows 7 x86 version.

Download USB Hidden Folder Fix

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