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Thursday, December 31, 2009

View Microsoft Project Document Online

View Microsoft Project Document OnlineThis morning, I received a text message from my Boss and he wants me to review a Microsoft Project document which he sent to me through my office email account. I immediately logon to my OWA account using my laptop at home but unlucky me I can't open the attached file because I have no Microsoft Project installed on it. Fortunately I can view the Microsoft Project file online from Online Microsoft Project Viewer.

View Microsoft Project Document Online with

To open a project file without installing Microsoft Project, just sign-up for a free account at and upload your .mpp (or .mpt template) file. The web app will render your project document as flash where you can view the document, print it or even embed it as external web page using Flash.

View Your MS Project Document via

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Tiberiu said...

This is just a very simple Gantt chart. You could try MOOS Project Viewer for a better free Microsoft Project viewer:

AexDR2009 said...

If you want to know about other options for management of Project Plans available at Web try also

jerryjacobson06 said...

ValleySpeak Project Server allows the Project Managers to use Microsoft Project as a Managing tools in real time. It enables me to view and share the Microsoft Project schedules with team members in real time. for details you can visit

jerry said...

I use ValleySpeak Project Server

This allows me to continue using Microsoft Project as my project management tool of choice, while give my team members a easy browser access to publish, execute and control projects in real time.