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Monday, December 28, 2009

Convert Your Webcam to Motion Detection Security Cam

Convert Your Webcam to Motion Detection Security CamWant a security camera that supports motion detection? No need to hit the gadget store and buy a new one. If you have an old web cam sitting around then you can convert it to a security camera using your computer plus the Motion Detection software. This software can save still images and/or movies complete with timestamps when anything in motion is detected in front of the selected webcam.

You can set the Motion Detector's sensitivity slider to configure how much motion the app needs to detect before it starts capturing images. The app is small and very simple to set up.

Motion Detection Security Cam
If your using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can run the application just by clicking the MDetect.exe from the downloadable compressed file. To run it on lower Windows versions, GdiPlus.dll is required. You can get the GdiPlus here.

Download Motion Detection via []

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