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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Download YouTube Videos to your hard drive

Download YouTube Videos to your hard driveYouTube is arguably the most popular video site today. Almost about everything you want to watch is on YouTube so sometimes we want to download it to our local drive. Fortunately there is a free software that can extract YouTube videos and it is called TubeQueue. It is a standalone software program for the Windows operating system that can not only download multiple videos from Youtube but also convert them into different formats so that the videos can be transferred to other devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players or gaming consoles.

Some of its great features are:
- Built-in search feature, so you can quickly queue up multiple videos videos from a particular search term with a right click

tubequeue search youtube videos

- Multiple preset conversion options, including --
o flv
o mp4 (iPod touch/iPhone optomized)
o mp4 (iTunes)
o mp4 (iPod 5G optomized)
o mp3
o mov
o avi
o mpeg

tubequeue convert to any video format

- Ability to queue up video conversions/actions, and modify the queue

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