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Friday, October 03, 2014

Code for "Unpatchable" USB Hack Is Now Available Online

Code for "Unpatchable" USB Hack Is Now Available Online

Security researcher Karsten Nohl, discovered a way to infect just about any USB device with malware. He talked about it during this year's Black Hat conference but never shared his code because he believes that it is unpatchable and therefore dangerous when distributed. Fellow security researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson have something different in mind. The two security experts were able to replicate the exploit and published it on Github. Their intention in publishing the said code is to push the USB makers to fix the problem.  I'm sure this will interest many coders out there and might be used by some in not-so-good way. Lets just hope that USB manufacturers will act right away and do their part to permanently fix the broken security scheme of USB devices today.

Source: Wired

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Use HTML5 IndexedDB Database

How to Use HTML5 IndexedDB Database

One of the many advantages of using HTML5 to build web apps is how easy to use the device local storage. Among all HTML5 local storage database, Web Storage is the most popular but also the least flexible. It is a simple persistent data storage of key-value pair data and with a maximum capacity limit of 5MB. Searching or querying specific records in Web Storage is pretty challenging so I stopped using it and switched to Web SQL instead. Unfortunately W3C working group already stopped the maintenance of Web SQL Database. This is why I am now playing with IndexedDB and trying to use it as local storage standard for my new apps. See the basics of IndexedDB database after the jump.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bash Bug Threatens Linux and OS X based IT Systems

Another security bug was discovered that is believe to be bigger than Heartbleed. The bash bug allows attackers to run any code they wish as soon as the shell is invoked. Bash is a Unix shell (command processor) which allows users to type commands which execute actions. Bash can also read scripts which is basically a file that contains series of commands to be executed. Bash is the default shell used by Linux and Macs. According to article posted in Red Hat security blog:

“It is common for a lot of programs to run bash shell in the background. It is often used to provide a shell to a remote user (via ssh, telnet, for example), provide a parser for CGI scripts (Apache, etc) or even provide limited command execution support (git, etc)”

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

Apple released the newest iOS version last September 17. Many of users went ahead and downloaded the iOS 8. Some people are happy with the upgrade and some are not. If you belong to the latter group of users and wish to rewind the time then this post might help you. Fortunately Apple is still signing iOS 7.1.2  until now but this definitely will change in the next couple of days so hurry and follow these steps to downgrade your iOS 8 device now.

Friday, August 01, 2014

How to Debug PhoneGap From Command-Line Interface

If your prefer debugging PhoneGap app using the console or terminal then you just need to remember the following.

1. Add console plugin on your phonegap project.

$ cordova plugin add org.apache.cordova.console

2. On your code, use console.log to display something.

console.log('Im Ready!');

3. Use the following command lines to open the Android Console.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Developing Chrome App: localStorage Versus

Developing Chrome App: localStorage Versus
I have been playing around with Chrome App development for a while now. By the way, Chrome app is written in HTML5, CSS and Javascript, pretty the same way web apps are written but they behave and look more like native apps. I was able to port one our business app to chrome app and it is now available in Chrome Web Store for download. I also plan to publish my own Chrome App tutorial for beginners next week if I am able to find some time to do it. For now, I want to share one of the changes you should take note of when switching to chrome app development.

Local Storage

If your a HTML5 developer, you may be very familiar with localStorage object, which certain browsers refer it as "Local Storage" or "DOM Storage". This is what you need if you like to store named key/value pairs locally, within client web browser. Unfortunately localStorage object is no longer supported by chrome app. Instead you have to use Here are the differences between the two:

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Can't Turn On WIFI on Toshiba Satellite L740

Last night, I'm trying to enable the WiFi of my Toshiba laptop by pressing FN+F8 key. Whenever you press FN key on Toshiba Satellite laptop, a popmenu appears above the screen. Toshiba calls it FlashCards. I don't know what happened but the flash cards doesn't appear when I hit FN. I tried running diagnostic tools and it detected that my WiFi device is still turn off. I don't know any alternative way to turn it on so it was frustrating. After some research, I did find a solution. To manually bring back the flash cards, just follow these steps after the jump.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Open URL Schemes In iOS and Android Via Email

How To Open URL Schemes In iOS and Android Via Email
Most of our in-house applications have email notification feature. Each email has links to specific web application so user can respond to the action required. For example, some email notification requires user to approve or disapprove documents. User need to click these links to perform an action. Since mobile device is now more popular to our users, we intend to enhance these email notifications to interact with our own mobile app when it is installed on the user's mobile. Fortunately, iOS and Android supports URL Schemes. But ofcourse, implementing it to interact with Email is a little bit more complicated. Let start with iOS tweak after the jump.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Submission to iOS App Store Stuck For Hours

I just updated one of my app in iOS and when I was ready to submit it to App Store, I hit the Distribute button in Organizer->Archieves to commence the submission. After a while, I noticed that the submission is stuck on the last stage of the process. I ignored it thinking that maybe Apple server is just busy at the moment. I left the XCode on the submission screen and went for dinner. When I got back I was surprise that it hasn't finish yet and then thats when I suspected that something is wrong. After few research I found the solution after the jump.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Upload File To SQL Server Database Using ASP.NET Generic Handler and JQuery

My last post was about uploading files with JQuery and ASP.NET generic handler. Today I want to revise the Asp.NET handler to upload the file directly to a SQL Server database.

Upload File To SQL Server Database Using ASP.NET Generic Handler and JQuery

The trick here is on the following functions after the jump.